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As I get older, I find myself contemplating the sacrifices and decisions that I have made, whether bad or good, if I triumphed or failed, if I built everlasting relationships or burned bridges.

There was a time in my life when none of these things mattered, a time I thought I would live forever. I was unaware my actions had any implications on others. When we live recklessly in the fast lane, we are destined to crash or change our courses.

In these recent times, I have become fascinated with daybreak. Right before 5:00 a.m., an amazing thing occurs that the untrained mind is unaware of. It is the occurrence of night turning into day. The birds begin to start chirping faintly. The fading gray of night calmly but rapidly transforms into a 5:00 a.m. blue. The night is cleansed of any sin or wrongdoing it has committed, and the earth briefly has a clean slate.

My morning ritual consisted of me sitting in the Brooklyn Promenade, watching Manhattan’s big-city lights begin to dim as sun’s light begins to shine before my morning jog to the gym for my daily workout. On this particular day, I found my mind wandering to a distant but recent time that changed my life and the lives of the players in the story forever.

She was never mine to keep, only experiencing for that brief time during the final stage of evolving into a complete man. There is only one way I can tell this story. Not as much as to how it happened, but why it happened. She had to save my life to bring balance to her own.

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5am Blue

5am Blue